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This will help discomfort, but be warned, it WILL hurt for a minute or two.

Apple cider vinegar in a mug, heat it up for 30 seconds, then pour some very carefully on your ear.

It will hurt and leave your ear burning for few minutes, but then you'll feel much better than you were at first.

It sounds crazy but I just did it and it worked.

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Probably hurt because you got it boiling hot. You're lucky you didn't damage your eardrum permenantly.


My husband had an earache and I tried this on him. The pain became so excruciating that he was almost dillusional! Later we tried the warm olive oil and it provided instant relief.

J Hege

I had that done as a child an my ear felt like it was on fire for a week. My suggestion is not to heat it for 30 seconds cut It down to 10 seconds at the most.

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