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I have had RLS for years and been to several doctors that gave me a bunch of different pills mainly for depression which i didn't have. I tried the magnesium, didnt work. tried heating pad, it helped. vicoden,and percacet worked great but lost insurance, and was worried cause they are narcotics. but finally found a doctor that after 4 times begging for something... anything. She gave me gabapentin 300mg it helped and with heating pad i could finally sleep then she uped me to 600mg at bedtime and i have no more RLS. and it is inexpensive, ask your doctors. trust me will do miracles.Oh and works great on my cronic lower back pain also, can acually get out of bed and walk natural instead of hunched over and in pain.

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I believe the maximum dose for Gabapentin (name brand Lyrica) is 300 mgs per day. Surprised your doc gave you 600. After six weeks of virtually no sleep, while still maintaining a 45+ hours a week at a stressful job, three weeks ago I finally gave in and went to see a doctor (I HATE going to the doctor) for RLS and pain/symptoms. Went in presenting RLS symptoms, bilateral joint pain and burning pain in feet/hands with electrical shock sensations and stabbing pains. After an array of tests to rule out the scary stuff like rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc., doc prescribed .5 mgs of Ativan (once a day at bedtime) and Ibuprofen for the joint pain. Ten days later I was sleeping better with the Ativan, but was exremely hesitant to continue on that course, as it is highly addictive. Second doc visit all tests came back normal, and doctor diagnosed me with RLS and neuropathy with the joint pain still a big question mark. Long story short, doctor gave me another ten days on Ativan (.5 mgs) and Lyrica, 300 mgs per day. After three days on the Lyrica, I was having a hard time functioning because it was making me feel high, so I cut back down to taking it just once a day, before bedtime. I also cut out the Ativan completely because I have no desire to become dependent on it, and have read that just 40 days on Ativan can hook you. To summarize, the Lyrica, when taking 300 mgs a day, managed the neropathic pain to a managable level (but not the joint pain), and has lessened the severity of the RLS, but on just 100 mgs a day (since I cut down so I could actually function), I have been up the last two nights with burning pain and RLS, getting maybe 3 hours of sleep. I am going to try the peppermint leg creams, etc. There has to be something that will work besides drugs, and Lyrica sounds like a scary drug as well, with people becoming addicted to it.


Actually Gabapentin is sold under the brand name Neurontin. Lyrica is a similar medication but is pregabalin. You're right the highest dosage is 100mg 3x/day. However, the highest dosage for gabapentin is much higher. Dosage amounts of 1200mg 3x/day are not uncommon. Gabapentin is a generic drug and is rather inexpensive. Lyrica is still only sold under its brand name and my insurance would not cover it. Anyway, I just wanted to say, 'thank you,' for your post. I just had a hysterectomy and this has made my formerly mild RLS totally out of control. I hadn't slept for 5 days. I looked like a kick boxer sleeping. Arms and legs were both flailing. I saw your post and took some old gabapentin and slept for the first time. I still haven't gone a night without it. I try about every 5 days, but so far this is the only thing that seems to work out of all the remedies on here.


I have been suffering from else since I was a young child and it wasn't til I was in my early 20s did I finally see a doctor about it. I also was person,robed nneurontin and quickly was up to 600 mgs 3 times a day. It helped amazingly and then one day all of a sudden I started getting flu like symptoms only after taking the meds. So I had to discontinue BC I could not function. Now I'm using icy hot on my legs and lower back when it bothers me. Not great, but atleast its tolerable


I have had rls for a few years now with oh so many sleepless nights. I suffer from extreme nerve damage, contributed by drug abuse in my younger years. Many medications I have been given over the years to treat my symptoms, such as benzo's, painkillers, and antidepressants. Finally my doc tried me on gabapentin. Started me at 100 mg 3x a day. It helped a little bit, but not enough. I now take 800mg 4x a day and I feel much better! It depresses most nerve pain, cured my mood disorder, and I rarely feel rls! Gabapentin has given me another chance at a normal life!


I have RA and Fibromyalgia I was originally put on Lyrica. Did ok but very expenive for someone with insurance wont pay for that.Dr put me on Gabapentin. I had an allergic reaction my whole face starting with my top lip swelled up (I looked like Shrek) Went back on Lyrica it did good for the fibro but had really bad pain in legs. Got to the point I could not walk. Drs then gave me Embrel shots,that were amazing. 45 min after the 1st shot I could tell a difference, then my insurance refused to pay for injections. The shots were $2,000 dollars a month!! Who in the world can afford that. It's sad that hard working people can't get the meds they need. Pay $300 dollars a month for insurance that doesn't cover injections..

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