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A lot of salt in warm water, swish as you see fit or untill the tooth goes numb (if tooth does not go numb just untill all major pain is gone. Then get some Ice cold water and let it sit on the tooth untill it turns warm. repeat. The nerve goes a good bit numb after a while. hurts And stings while your ACTUALLY doing it but MUCH better in the long run. I have used this method for Ages and always works. **A LITTLE PAIN TOLERANCE IS NEEDED FOR THE COLD WATER PART**

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greetings internet. seems you guys are looking for instant relief allow me to help :) first and this is key GO TO THE HOSPITAL and ask for there strongest nerve blocker (like freezing) it will last 6 to 10 hours, enough to allow you to sleep a while. afterwards to keep the pain at a nice tolerable level (0.1 of 10) take ice water with ice in it, hold the ice water over the exposed nerve in your mouth until you get numbed from the water. you will have to keep cold water on the tooth the entire time to be sure to keep refreezing ice trays, this only works if the nerve is exposed since you can numb it directly, i highly recommend you have a bucket to spit the warm water into, as drinking excessive amounts of water can lead to vomiting and over hydration, P.S EXPOSED NERVES IN THE TOOTH WILL NOT RESPOND TO OPIOID BASED PAIN KILLERS (try a dosage of 1800mg of ibuprofin in 3 to 4 hours regiments. or as needed.
good luck all. and wish me luck on my 7 exposed nerves of which i feel no pain currently due to the ice water. :D

John Cartwright

Hey everybody i was screaming ow ow owch ow all the way through reading this. i had nothing in my cupboards apart from bread cheese and salt so i tried them in that order what worked for me was very salty warm water with so much salt in that the water turned white then hold cold water on the tooth until warmed painful but worth it.... the pain hasn't gone completely but its down from ten to like 3 my tooth is totally wrecked thou like almost all gone and the nerve has come up to the surface so no wonder it hasn't worked fully i think if you tooth just has a hole it will work brill good luck and i feel your pain

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