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After throwing my money at Veregen (which seriously is overpriced and overated) I've finally found a genital warts treatment that FINALLY works. I've been using Oxyfend for the past two weeks now and all I can say is so relieving to find a trustworthy product. It may not work for everyone but it does for me and I can actually afford it.

ACV isn't bad but I cannot stand the smell, it's gross and kinda sticks to the inside of my nose so I end up smelling it for a couple of hours afterwards.

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Try drinking red bull, it helped me so much, it has an effect after 3-4 days, i am so so so happy since i couldn't stand the ACV, i hope it helps you as well


LOL Red Bulls and Oxyfend? Anyone with high blood pressure or another health condition should seriously avoid redbulls. Anyone with a brain should avoid Oxyfend.

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