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I just read through this entire thread and went out to a 24 hour CVS and bought: Lipton Ice Tea bags, Sesodyne tooth paste, and 'Red Cross Toothache'. I was in so much pain I had considered going to the ER but then realized how expensive that may be. When I got back into my car after purchasing these things, I immediately put a tea bag in my mouth between my tooth and gum and also over the tooth and gently bit down. This helped only a little bit during the drive back home. When I did get home, I tried the 'Red Cross Toothache' and it the pain is entirely gone. It feels a little like novacaine but different. I'm not sure how long it will last but considering I feel nothing at the moment, it was well worth the 4am drive. The box says to avoid other tissue when you apply it to the tooth. BE CAREFUL. i got some on my skin and it burns a little. Nothing major - just thought you all should know. bed time for me!

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