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Well, I just have a question or two plus some comments, and not so much a remedy...I am trying several remedies that I saw on here (the epsom salt baths, apple cider vinegar, lysine, vit. D3, Vit. C, Zinc, Abreva, tylenol pm paste, ice packs, bleach, my anti-viral med. acyc., garlic, cinnamon, green tea, white tea, honey, echineca with goldenseal, ginseng, baking soda, cornstarch powder, and mercroclear (sp?)). Anyhow, I was wondering why it is taking me so long to get over this particular outbreak of GH? I also have HPV, which has led to genital warts as well coming out at the same time as this outbreak. Long story short (ha), I guess I waited too long to go get medical help. I thought I was told a long time ago that the body will eventually fight this off, and one will get over the outbreak. So, I waited like 4-6 weeks before getting any treatment. Even when I did, I just for the first 2-3 weeks was just using the anti-viral acyclovir to treat this. It had been a while since I had any kind of outbreak. Must have been two years...that I can think I had forgotten what all to do to clear this up quickly. I know there is something you can do, or take..but I can't quite remember. Anyhow, I started about 3rd week in, after the 4-6 week delay, looking at this site, and others, and started trying a lot of the stuff mentioned here, like I mentioned earlier. Well, in any event, I am doing them all at once..hoping something will be the magical to speak. But, I just wonder why it is taking me so long to get over this. I fear this may go on for months...I hope not..but even just from the time I got medical has been almost 6 weeks..and not fully better yet. I guess my immune system was down, and I was stressed, I have allergies to everything outdoors too (on allergy shots and take allegra), and thought nature would take care of things...but it hasn't or wasn' then I decided to get help..and I fear too late. Is there anything that will speed things up, that I haven't tried yet..maybe? I don't know how much more to try, or spend..but..I just want this outbreak at go away. It is too much. Also, I am a smoker of cigs. Is anyone else on here a smoker, and able to get better quickly...?? I am just so sick of this. If anyone knows of anything to do..please let me know. I am thinking of going tomorrow to an herb shop to get more maybe the red marine algae...and St. John's Wort..or something...but when is enough, enough? Am I overdoing it...or are others doing like twenty things at once too?? just curious...I also hope I am not doing more harm to myself somehow...and I don't want to end up broke either. 33 yr. old,gay, male, here. Live in Georgia. If anyone knows of any suggestions, then please let me know. I am hoping a cure comes along quickly. I will pray for everyone, and hope things get better. At least I know I am not alone in suffering..but this sucks..bottom line. Peace out.

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Also, now I am taking Coconut Oil, Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf in a cap., Lecithin, St. John's Wart, Red Marine Algae, Food Grade H2O2,and Tea Tree Oil Soap. I hope something is going to work. Plus, I use honey and cinnamon, in my teas (white, green, and now lemon balm as well). If nothing else, I guess I will be building up my immune system...I hope. But, so is all of this ok to take together? A lady at my local herb shop seemed to think it was all ok...but I don't know. My doctor seemed to only think I should take the anti-viral acyclovir..and that be that...but..that was not working quick enough. But, so I am still smoking too. Does anyone know if that really hampers getting better, or not? Should I quit soon to help get over this quicker...or maybe it will not matter too much? My thinking is that as soon as I get better..I would smoke again least when I went out to have a few drinks, or just wonder if I should quit now...and then maybe end up starting back up again shortly after getting it worth it? if just going to quit for a short time anyhow...?? I am thinking of giving it another week or two..and if not better..then for sure anyone else smoking or not? Also, since others have shared their stories..I got GH, and I guess HPV (the virus that can cause genital warts) at about the same time..I was diagnosed in 2004. But, I might have had GH at least..since God knows when...the main doctor I had at that time acted like I shouldn't even check for it..since it is so common, and many have it. But, I wanted to know..and be sure. Because up till then I thought I was completely disease free. Plus, if you have ever had a cold sore, or chicken pox...chances are you may have it anyhow...and many have had one or the I just never got checked till 2004. So, anyhow..I have had this for a while..but only a few big outbreaks. They are far each time I forget how to treat them. I may get smaller outbreaks from time to time...especially after a lot of sex..but usually it goes away...or I act quicker..I guess..and no major problems come about. But, every two years or so..I seem to get one big outbreak...I was just really late getting medical attention this time for it...anyhow..just sharing. I have made a point to write everything down this time that I do..and hope something will help for the next time an outbreak occurs. Unless someone knows of a quicker treatment, even late into the game...then I guess I am done getting other supplements..till better. Has anyone tried getting a shot of the anti-viral yet? I heard that doctors can give this to help in severe cases...was wondering if that works, or not? anyhow..I hope someone will read my stories..and let me know what they think...are others doing what I am doing...or are others more patient..and just letting time heal things...?? Everyone keep your head up..don't give up. We all will make it through this, and get better...hopefully sooner rather than later. Peace out.


sounds like you have things covered. smoking definitely is a burden to the immune system, so quitting would probably help. that's the main thing, to boost the immune system. lemon balm is an important herbal remedy. honestly i would stick to natural care rather than harsh antiviral pharmaceuticals and such. the big thing for me has been dealing with stress and i have bad allergies as well so these are burdens to the immune system. all one can do is get good rest, eat well, drink herbal teas and calming/ cleansing baths. watch what you eat no chocolate nuts rice or soy.


Thank you for the comment. I agree with everything you say. I am just wondering it ok to be doing everything together? like the natural stuff, and the medical?? I feel like I am doing a lot, so much so..that I can only eat two meals now...I feel like the extra supplements fill me up...I use to eat three meals, and I just barely eat two maybe...Also,maybe my immune system has been down for a bit...and I need this other stuff. I think I am seeing some improvement...slowly but is taking so darn really freaks me out a bit. I agree that quitting smoking would be a good thing to do...and I have the nicotine patches for when I do already bought..and ready to go...but this has led to more stress...etc. etc. I guess always a reason...but I guess I just don't understand why it always takes me longer to get over either an outbreak, or a cold..whatever...but I guess stress, and allergies don't help...I am doing the baths as well. I pour apple cider vinegar, epson salt, H2O2, regular salt, and baking soda all in my bath..which I was doing three times a day, but now the skin on my hands/facial area are getting itchy/red, and too dried now I cut the baths back to just twice a day. I hope all of that will still work, and all the additional vitamins/nutrients will boost my immune system, and make everything heal quicker...but thank you again for the advice. I am staying away from just about everything that isn't meat, bread, vegetable, dairy, or fruit....but so would even soy milk be bad to drink? I have been drinking regular 2%, but just ran out...and so was back to drinking soy milk which I usually prefer, and can handle...anyhow..thanks for reading all of this. Any additional tips, or advice would be nice...but otherwise I will try to adhere to what you have suggested..which I kind of already am doing...for the most part. Thanks again . Also how are you coping with stress? I have a problem with that too...usually I smoke, or watch t.v., read, or listen to music to get rid of tension...I would do other things..but since I have an outbreak..I can't do anything sexual...not even to suggestions? The Korean Ginseng I am taking is supposed to help with calming me down...some..and the herbal teas...I also started back walking on the helps some too I guess...any other thoughts on getting rid of stress? What do you do?

Mr Natural

Dear All
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