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In children avoid all milk products and the asthma will cease. In adults, there are four foods which usually trigger asthma. You must remove from the diet one at a time to determine which food is triggering your attacks: cheese, chocolate, citrus and wheat. A diet high in fruits and vegetables(juicing is best) and low in protein(none is best). Take 2 tbsp. flaxseed oil daily and avoid all other fats and oils. Prolonged exposure tho the drug prednisone is found to be detrimental to recovery. Avoid all pharmacutical drugs and other toxins while recovering.

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I've had chocolate allergies my whole life. Each reaction triggers a severe asthma attack. I had no idea that it was a common asthma trigger. Just thought I was weird!


I don't have much problem with wheezing but have a severe asthma cough. It is so bad that it interferes with my daily life. My allergies are about as bad as they can get. I am allergic to everything they routinely test for. I don't eat citrus and cannot eat beef so my diet is already limited. I am also highly allergic to tree nuts, coconut and soy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My email address is


Eating 'no protein' as you suggest will certainly eliminate any problem with asthma, because it will lead to death....

You can't live without amino acids (proteins) any more than you can live without water. Eating a combination of beans, rice and corn will provide all the essential amino acids a person needs, without resorting to animal products.


The problem isn't with milk, it's with the fact that it's been homogenized, pasteurized, and full of growth hormones and now genetically modified proteins. Removal of all fat and protein from the diet goes against the wisdom of all healthy native cultures around the world who were all healthy and free of asthma.


You are an idiot.telling people to do this to children is criminal. You have no idea what you are talking about and I just hope the people reading this know better then to listen to you.

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