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My cousin had genital warts last year. And at first, we don't have any idea how we can solve or treat her genital warts. We went to our city herbal doctor and asked for any home remedies/natural treatment for my cousin's case. Our herbal doctor recommends my cousin to try the Tea Tree Oil. Well, at first it's okay but after 2-3 weeks, my cousin started to complain because her infected skin of genital warts were getting itchy and starting to get more redness. Apparently on that day, my auntie visited us and also to check my cousin's condition. When she knew about what happen on my cousin, she immediately went home and get the cream called 'Zerowarts Oxyfend'. We don't have any option but to try it. Since our auntie assured us the effectiveness of this cream on treating genital warts. We get surprise, how fast and effective this Oxyfend cream is. For about 6 days, my cousin's genital warts gone totally and looks the skin were not suffered with a serious illness. Great Oxyfend Cream!

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yeah i bought oxyfend. it's a ripoff and it sucks shit. OXYFEND DOES NOT WORK!

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