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Hi guys. Last Saterday, I got my teeth tightened(I have braces) and all my teeth got sore and such after that. So after all that pain went away and I could CHEW food, a few days after THAT, one of my teeth started to hurt.
Like HURT. It felt like it always did when it got sensitive when I breath in cold air around this tooth. This tooth was the only one thats sensitive like this in my mouth. But not it feels sensitive 24/7! Like I'm continuously breathing in cold air around it D:
Lately I would go to sleep and wake up an 1hour later because of the pain and get annoyed by it. It hurts, like in the inside. Using stuff like oralgel made the outside of my gum numb, but I could still feel the pain so I assumed it was withen my root.

Im not sure if it's an abcessed tooth though, it just happened all of the sudden. Maybe it might be my braces. Oh! A few years back, I've also had two fillings done on the same tooth, one of the side(with a bracket RIGHT ON IT) and one on the inside. Oh! And earliar that day, I was drinking juice like no tomorrow(like kool-aid and sunny d). I think that may have been the cause. Nothing is swollon, It only hurts inside the tooth where I cant reach it. Heeelllppppp plleeaaseee D:

I've only used simple 2 minute relieve things D: A few years back, I was suppose to get a root canal(for reasons unknown to me) but they canceled it because of my responses when they were seeing if I needed it. in to make it temp. Like using more pain to make it stop hurting. As in water and swish around infected area, hydro...something...eww okay that taste icky. I didn't taste it at first but...yea eww. if anyone could help me please, it hurts and I'll have to wait a week before I can see my dentist cause I need an overdued checkup >.> and it distracts me from studying .-.

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I think you need ADHD meds see your doctor before your dentist =D

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