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WD-40. That's it. Spray twice a day with WD-40. 30 days: fungus gone.

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Is this a serious response? It made me laugh! Seriously though, everything we put on our body gets absorbed into our body. No matter how small the dose it will have a cumulative effect.

I'd try vinegar first


Are your toes STILL THERE? Ken /Calif!


WD-40 can do just about anything! I know, I wrote an article on it for a major newspaper. Try it. You won't be sorry!

Bob Alder Dalson

WD-40 is supposed to be made of very mild products. I read somewhere that you can even eat it. So I cannot imagine that it would hurt you.
I think I will give it a try just for the H377 of it.

My redeemer lives

Well im just geting stared day one lets see wat happins


actually, wd40 is not even close to edible- is all petro chemicals- check out the wikipedia entry for it (won't let me post link)

most of which is hexane- you shouldn't be using this without good ventilation let alone using it on your body.


whattabout PB blaster?

PB Blastah

oh and PS yuppies, wikipedia is a website where anyone (including an infant) could go on and type their own article, its all a buncha malarkie. stop being pussies and eat some damned WD40. :)


does anyone realize what wd40 stands for? it is a water displacement product thus the w.d. I would imagine that using it dries out the nail bed thus no where for the fungus to grow. Seems like it could work. I'm going to try it as I can not take the drugs and nothing else seems to work.


the main ingredient of wd40 is fish oil, maybe a another idea is to use omega 3 vitamin tablets that are derived from fish oil

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