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Dear anyone affected by HPV,

I'll just start this off by saying I found a 100% effective treatment to the genital wart that I had.

I had it for about 2 years. I tried the acid treatment, vinegar... among other things. What ended up working is Grapefruit Seed Extract. I applied it topically as well as took the recommended amount internally. It definitely boosted my immune system and helped greatly. Though it is recommended to not apply it full strength topically, that is was I did and what worked for me. I've taken GSE for a few years before any way though so I'm comfortable enough to make that call for myself. It is just very concentrated and strong.

I applied to everyday for about 4 days. I carried it in my purse and would use it right after using the bathroom so it was always being freshly applied. The wart started to turn white, minimize, shed layers of skin and then it just got really small and then went away completely. GSE doesn't hurt. It tickled and tingled slightly but that is all.

I am now completely virus free. I wanted to share this with everyone because I know how much it sucks to have a genital wart and to keep trying ineffective treatment methods.

GSE is a really great natural remedy for a lot of ailments. I recommend you read about it, if you don't already know, and keep a bottle handy. It's sold at most health food stores. I got mine at Whole Foods.
I really suggest you try it!!

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What's gse??


GSE is grapefruit seed extract according t the original writer.....

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