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diesel fuel and dog shampoo. 2:1 ratio ( 2 fuel to 1 shampoo ). Yes this sounds very crazy but works...soak the coat with the mix leave on for 5 minutes then rinse off. Do not do this in direct sunlight. and do not wet dog before applying mix. My bosshas 2 german Shepards and they are outside dogs..they Never get never see them itching he applied all fuel then added the shampoo to wash it off. But it works..really

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I know it works I have done it. many people will say its crazy or wicked but it works. I didn't even have to pick the ticks off. diesel fuel kill all the ticks and they dry up and fall off. what I did was to put diesel in a spray bottle and spray dogs after an hour ill just wash off the dog in water. after 2 days give them a shampoo wash. that's it.


Diesel fuel is so toxic it will eat the rubber off your shoes. I bet your dogs don't live very long. If you cant afford to care for your animals don't get them. My pets are like family. Would you put it on your kids ? Disgusting.


We put diesel on our cattle

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