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I have had such a battle with headlice. The one thing that worked well for me was putting kerosene in your hair for 5 minutes. DON'T PUT IN YOUR CHILDS HAIR!!!! I am a single mother of 3 and was having a problem with getting them out of my own hair when I did the kerosene. It worked well for me. Your hair will smell for a day or so but it's worth it. I had also heard that if you wash your hair every other day with extra strength dennorex it helps prevent headlice from coming back. The mayo and the prescription ovide worked well for my children. Give it a try! As far as I know the kerosene also kills the eggs. Good Luck.

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My husband used the kerosene once and it really works. Later I heard about someone using it and by using the towel somehow it cause static and caught the childs hair on fire.


when i was a child my mother but kerosene on my hair to kill lice and then everyone knew that u had it it works very well but in my opinion i wouldnt recommend doing it


i caught head lice as a child and my mom used it on me, and it did remove the head lice effectively. wouldnt recommend it however, because it really dried out and damaged my hair.


you people are out of your minds. kerosene will also make you go bald. i guess you won't get head lice then.


Ummm, Am I on Candid Camera. Kerosene? Seriously...You put kerosene in your hair? If you got body lice would you bathe in gasoline? No One should try this...and especially not on a child.


Well when i was younger my friends mom put it in my hair but needless to say IT DIDN'T WORK!!! I hated doing it and will never do it again!!!!!

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