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Baking soda works wonders. Just get your toothbrush wet then dip it in the baking soda, brush your teeth with it, then rinse out with water. I'd do it every 2 nights until your teeth get to the whiteness you want, then do it just once a week to keep the color.

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from radhika

im from india and i have observed my frind's children having this problem. it's just a week more too my daughters prom and she wants me to fix it


i hope this works


do u use toothpaste or just d baking soda alone


Does baking powder work aswell or is it just baking soda?


baking soda is the same as baking powder


This really does work. I got instant results and couldn't stop smiling all day. And to think I was going to go out and buy a kit. Puh!


baking soda and baking powder are not the same. baking powder tastes nasty and gummy, and doesn't have the same whitening effect.


Hi does bicarbonate soda work the shame?

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