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I tried almost every one of the remedies listed here, and none worked. Then I rinsed my sinuses. It was the best feeling I've ever had when my ear popped after that.

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I am all for prayer but God expects us to do our part, you know. God gave us these great doctors and scientist to help us in our times of need. Prayer is great but I dont God wants us depending on Him entirely and He wants us to take some responsibility for ourselves. You know someone could have some kind of serious infection in their ear that could go to their brain or blood but because you tell people to depend on God and do nothing else they can die. I mean after all what brings you to this forum? Are you not seeking a remedy. You are obviously not depending soley on God so dont suggest that to others. I have had severe ear congestion for three years and it has drove me insane. I am super irritable all the time and there is not a day that goes by that I dont pray to God to heal me. I am still sick. I am a good person with good moral values that loves God and he has not healed me. However, my faith in God has kept me from slapping stupid people like you for making stupid remarks. People God is great but take some responsibility for your own care. Remember God gave us doctors and scientist to get us better or at least help us get bettetr.


flushing out your sinuses helps some mine feel much better but not all the way better.


Im definatley praying. And people i hope u guys find god before the world ends or u die.


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Prayer, especially prayer and fasting exerts a strong curative influence. Also faith goes quite well with many natural remedies, for - 'He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man...' ~ Psalm 104:14

But where excessively greedy and coveteous proprietary claims fuel the industry...compatibility with The Divine is a far cry away.


You guys are foolish to dismiss prayer. I'll give you a scientific reason. Stress absolutely creates changes in the immune system. It inhibits the immune response. It has been measured in T cell responses. Anything that may reduce stress and anxiety may help the immune system. So if prayer makes you feel more serene, go for it!! And I am not religious, but I am a biologist.

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