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I tried almost every one of the remedies listed here, and none worked. Then I rinsed my sinuses. It was the best feeling I've ever had when my ear popped after that.

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How did you do this?


I was wondering the same thing. Most likely with a neti-pot. Try to google *How to clean your sinuses*. This site would not let me post the link.


Don't use a Neti-pot! It clogged my years more and pushed my ear infection deeper in my ear. After 10 days of antibiotic it was still clogged but the pain was gone. I took Mucinex,1 tab every 6 hours, normal type, not the kind with sufadfed in it. My dr. said one adds moisture and one dries so makes no since to do at the same time. I was worried sudafed would dry it up and the junk would never drain out. Mucinex seemed a more natural approach to me. Also drank lots of warm water, 8 oz every 1/2 hour, milked the Eust. Tube with a downward massage from behind the ear down several times, doing several times a day. Yawned a lot, swallowed hard, gulped to get the tube to open. Also put a wet washcloth in a coffee mug in the micro for 1 minutes held it to my ear as I could the heat, several times a day. It finally unclogged after a day or 2, it then clogged back with a little more but not as bad so I'm still working on that. But it will happen! The tube will eventually drain all the clog out.


Forgot one very important ingredient to my recovery. I did pray!! It was when I prayed seriously asking Jesus to heal me, within 30 minutes the first clog solid was gone. This 2nd mild partial clog is nothing and I know it will all drain out soon..... I'm sure there are a few clumps to come out.

Eva - Sydney, Australia

I had clogged ears, prayed to Jesus and instantly felt better it was a miracle. Try this link:


Yeah, prayer is the most important thing. Don't go to a doctor or use medicine or Jesus will think you don't trust him. Just pray. Cures everything from a sinus infection to Cancer. Jesus saves you guys.


Seriously? Praying didn't do anything. You're an idiot if you don't go to a doctor when you're sick.

You're just deluded if you think praying or 'god' does anything.


I agree 100%. If u r down, being sick or any other way, prayers to the Lord God and Jesus always work even if u don't get immediate response! God Bless everyone who is sickness and going through a bad time!!


Jesus is not going to help me...


Praying?? O M G Seriously? You are clearly on the wrong site. I think you were looking for ''. We are looking for REAL remedies here... not superstition.

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