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a week or so ago i tested positive for mono and i felt just completely drained all the time.though the swelling in my throat and organs went down, i noticed the skin around my clitoris was starting to swell. i didnt really think anything of it, maybe it was a side affect of the mono. but then i noticed this open bite looking thing on it and thought it could be a bug bite since theres a lot of mosquitos out and ive been getting swarmed everytime i step out the door.

i told my boyfriend of over a year about it to see if maybe he had any thoughts, but he didnt have a i started my google search and found it might be herpes, since some of the symptoms matched.i keept looking though and looked for images,because even though they may look different for everyone there was bound to be one person with the same thing as me right?i found a picture of the same open wound looking thing and it was an add for genital warts.. i freaked.and the moment i read the symptoms i knew that this had to be it.i am 17 and have only slept with two people.ive gotten the HPV scared to go to the doctors,and to tell my mom since she doesnt know that i am sexually doctors know,but there is no way to keep this from her if i go to see them. so i found this cream online thats supposed to work on many skin conditions, so my boyfriend is ordering it for me and hopefully it works. the cream is called Terrasil. has anyone heard of it? does it work? it has great reviews. the warts have gotten much worse,theres a good 25-30 of im willing to try anything at this point,im miserable.i just feel depressed,ive never had anything like this happen to me before.
since i still have mono, my immune system is preoccupied and this is most likely why ive broken out so bad.
my mom is really into essential oils so ive been putting tea tree oil and lavender on it,and i mean ALL over.almost my whole vaginal area is far its only reduced the irritation.. it helps knowing that im not alone in this horrible situation.reading all of these stories is reassuring,thank youu.

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i know it can be hard having GW. but i thought i would give u some advise, to my understnading, GW's dont look like open mosquito bites. there are many conditions associated with the vagina so u might be suffering from GW ( since u mentioned 20 or 30 of them) and something else ( since u mentioned swelling around ur clitoris) the vaginal skin is very sensitive so i would advise against using tea tree oil because its an irritant. use some cortizone 10 creme for the itching. i would suggest going to the doctor because it seems like u might have more than just GW and you are right, mono has a negative effect on the immune system so ur body is susceptible to other diseases. ( BTW, if u tell ur doctors not to mention anything to ur mom, they probably wont, they have to respect patient privacy and they most likely will)
i know its hard having an STD when ur a teenager, but trust ur doctors take care of yourself and you will get through it.

good luck!


Lizzy the 17 year old, You need to tell your mom hun.... Yes we as moms want the best for our daughters but we Love them.... and your mom can help you bettr then anyone can.... Please tell her so that you can get the right care you need. Best of luck sweetie. D


I've experienced STD and other genital-related issues at a young age as well and can relate to your situation. I have several pieces of advice learned from personal experience and a lot of research.

First, do not panic and jump to conclusions. I know that may sound stupid under the circumstances, but try to relax. I can't tell you how many times I've looked up a symptom on the internet for hours, until I was sure of what afflicted me (usually something horrible) just to find out I was wrong. Forget all that. Keep in mind that a weakened immune system can have crazy effects on your body. Stress will only weaken it further.

Second, call your doctor yourself and explain the situation (at least in general terms) and find out if they are obligated to tell your mother something you would rather withhold. Either way, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. It may be completely unrelated to sexual interaction, no matter how sure you think you are. When you go, tell them everything. Even if they are obligated to tell your mother everything about your symptoms, they won't tell her you've been sexually active unless you have contracted an STD (which may not be the case at all; there are many genital issues that have nothing to do with sex).

Third, if it is an STD, its not the end of the world. For example, 80% of all women contract some form of HPV at some point in their life. But don't jump to conclusions. Call your doctor, make an appointment, and find out what you're dealing with. Then take it one step at a time.

Good luck and be well :)


Red bull helped me a lot, it reduced the big ones and small ones disappeared completely, i am still using it, the third week now, but I am absolutely satisfied by it. Try it, it doesn't smell or hurt. I drink a red bull in 3-4 days and you can do it more often


ok with the Red does that work? do u put it on the warts or just drink alot of it???? and with the oxferd (might be spelled wrong) u have to order it online or can u get it in a store?


Okay,so for everyone who commented on this thank you.I figured i would post a comment and say whats happened since this was posted. First off,i did call my doctor and she told me that it would be cheapest to go to my local planed parenthood and get i positive for hpv,but since i was vaccinated before i was sexually active theres very little chance it will cause cancers.they also told me since my immune system is getting back on track,the virus might clear up within a few more months and to go back and get tested thats a good thing. Another good thing is that the cream that i go worked wonders!not even two days and it was all cleared up.i think that was the first time ive ever cried because of relief aha.Though i did end up telling my mom,and she kicked me out,ill live.i figure my life is just starting and this isnt the worst thing that couldve happened to me.Just one more thing,the lavender oil,or extract (whatever you can get a hold of)will be your best soothes the skin and prevents scaring or any kind of blemishes.i hope this will help someone else as much as it helped me.again,thanks everyone for the support.(:


You poor poor thing! Put apple cider vinegar on it for a few hours each day. It will erase any bumps within a week or so. It burns, but well worth it! Good luck:)


I am 19. I was raped by my stepdad at 13 and when i had a rape kit done it showed i had GW. The doctor had told me its possible it was just a skin condition but never told me anything else. My adoptive mom later told me that it was GW. But i didnt beleive her. All i could think was that it was just a skin condition. After i turned 18, i started to investigate myself. My vagina was real itchy one day and something didnt feel right. I took a mirror and looked and i realized i had little white bumps on the inner part of my vagina. A couple more poped up around the "lips" of my vagina. So i started searching and they looked like mine and i realized what i have. I have yet to tell anyone because who wants to tell your parents and fiance that you have a HPV/STD....NOBODY..Ive been so terrified and discussed in myself bc of it. Ive gotten to the point where idk what to do so scared...someone please help me.

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