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it sounds crazy but Listerine mouth wash @ baby oil ,pour mouth wash all over dog rub it in, then rub baby oil in all over dogs body ,in 1 treatment cleared up in 3-4 days.

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Well I tried it on my chihuahua today ...will let u know if it works :-)


I found a 10week puppy on the side of the rd she as mange bad I'm going to try this and see if it works somebody was really mean to this cute little puppy she is super sweet I will do this tonight hope it works. Let you know


My puppy got something from uncles dog I rescued him in Texas as a truck driver. He was beat an under feed it took a month of good food an lotion to get his dry skin perfect went home he got fleas so treated him an then uncles dog an washed twice two days before flea drops went back over the road now coal looks like he has mange bumps brown scabs on butt top of tail now all over washed again so I justed used dawn soap an peroxide rubbed it in for ten mins took small comb men's kind scratched scabs off he was so relaxed doing this after freaking don't like baths then rises him off he starte acting like a puppy all crazy an running playing scratched twice bit once now he's sleeping not waking up to bit or scratch hair is so soft an smooth an shiney looks amazing let u know what happens after few more times an days go bye gonna try this next or in between my recipe


i have a staffordhire bull, suffering with a slight bit of mange on her head near her ear, the hair has fell out, and i'm hoping this works , gonna try this tonight, will post results in a few days


DO you have to leave the listerine and baby oil on your dog for a certin amount of time then wash it off how many time a week?

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