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it sounds crazy but Listerine mouth wash @ baby oil ,pour mouth wash all over dog rub it in, then rub baby oil in all over dogs body ,in 1 treatment cleared up in 3-4 days.

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most mothwash contains a small amout of alcohal wtch is why it works. the rest is to sooth soffen promote new healed skin ,hair


My husband and I just read my home remedies here on line. We have an 18 year old beagle and a new 1 year beagle & bassett dog. We just tried the listerine, baby oil remedy. The 1 year old is broke out pretty bad. Losing lots of hair with several sores. We will post in a few days to let everyone know if this works. We are wish our pets... Hattiemae and Charlie LUCK! Thanks

Mary B

I just tried the baby oil and mouthwash on my dog. will let you know thr results.


I got a pup from the road. He was suffering from mange. I tried an ointment which was prescribed by a vet. But was of no use. I tried this remedy.(listerine and baby oil) It worked like magic. In about 5 days the fur started to grow. Now he is completely cured. Thanks for putting this on the web.


I have a Yorkie and his hair is falling out and I want to try this can you or someone tell me the steps THANK YOU....


Can I use this remedy on a cat?

Mz.Lopez :.)

This is much easirr thn the borax stuff!! I had bought a puppy took it a bath n the hair from his neck started fallin with scabs and the skin was bumpy and bleeding i amidiatly knew wat was rong so i looked on the internet fo a remedy because i dnt have money at all and i found this! :) i didnt hav mouth wash so i jst put warm water and a lil bit of toothpaste in a spray bottle sprayed it thn let it dry thn i put baby oil gell and it worked imediatly! Its been 5 days now and he looks way better! I also put prroxide and antibacterial ointent too!!! Thank u! :D


I tried it 3 times, First I applied the mouthwash and let it sit on my dog for 10 minutes ,then I applied the baby oil right over the mouthwash and let that stay on for a few hours and then I bathed him with a anti itch shampoo....It DID NOT WORK. Good luck Ps I live at a beach side area. Possibly different

christine heavener

Will this hurt the dogs if they lick it


My Lhasa Poo is 11 yrs old and has been suffering horribly with what I have found from a vet tech student is probably mange. The skin is scaly and has a bad odor. He scratches constantly. Will this treatment work for this type and Do you leave the mouthwash on the dog or rinse it off. I am willing to try anything at this point. I do not have the $$$$ a vet will charge.

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