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it sounds crazy but Listerine mouth wash @ baby oil ,pour mouth wash all over dog rub it in, then rub baby oil in all over dogs body ,in 1 treatment cleared up in 3-4 days.

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wow this really worked, me and my daughter rescued a dog a 2 mo ago and we have tried everything from the exspensive medicated shampoo and sprays, nothing worked. we read this yesterday and went to our local 99 cent store and got a bottle of antiseptic mouthwash and a bottle of olive oil and tried this and today cynna has not scratched onetime, she was looking so sad b4 we tried this now she is up wagging her tail and so much happier. Thank you soo much, god bless.


I forgot to add she is no longer red or pink in the affected area also, we are so happy, she is so happy :)

Lisa jo

I've just tried this on my boys last night, they seem less itchy but still have a couple bad hot spots. Thanks for posting, I'm going to alternate this and the other borax-peroxide treatment to get it cleared up, Benji is a bully breed mixed with Rottie so when his skin gets too dry he is miserable and scratchy.


I was wondering how this worked. Do you leave the mouth wash on? Let it dry before applying the baby oil?? Can someone write out how to do it step by step?


what do you use,my poor old german shepher gets mange every summer from the middle of his back to his tail.I used to take him to the vets,pay a fortune(he is worth it) for prednisone and medication,only to have it come right back and the hair still didnt grow back.
Do i pour the while bottle of mouthwash over him,let it air day and then add the baby out?will this also get rid of fleas?If i get advantage for fleas this wont hurt will it?

Barbara & Bobbi

Can't afford a vet. Treating our dog for fleas. Icubis has been miserable from head to toe, itching, scratching, biting, lost hair you name it! Went to Walmart picked up Benadryl (extra strength itch stopping gel) but any 2% hydrocortisone will due & applied to raw areas for good relief. Also gave him 12.5 mg of antihistimine (for people) which is completely safe for him just to make sure he is comfortablely itch free. Here's the real cheap helper! In order to keep him from being tempted to bite himself we cut a bigger hole in the top of a 1 gal milk jug to fit over his Yorkie head (cut to fit length of dogs face) cut slits into it around neck area to feed a shoe string through & presto No biting! Looks ridiculous but cheap and effective! And NO vet bills!


i tried this on my dog,but it doesn't seem to work for him. he is still scratching and 'crying',rubbing his back on any rough surface he could find. looking for other inexpensive remedies for my poor dog


Can someone please tell what the exact directions and proportions are for the mouthwash & baby oil. My poor choc lab is struggling and I would like to try this on him.


omg!! this does sound crazy but kinda makes sense... i hope this well work my lil beagal has the mange n i have rubbed baby oil on her n it seems to have soothe her.. tomorrow ima go buy the mouthwash.. hopefully this will work i will try to c.. i was just wonderin, if she has a open wund is it safe for me to us the mouth wash on it?


We just gave it a try. my dog bailey has had mange on and off for the last few months. expensive meds worked for a few weeks then it came back. so i figured why not try other (cheaper) options. so i went to the local dollar store bought 2 bottles of mouth wash and 2 bottle of baby oil along with a box of dog treats. you should of seen the look the guy at dollar tree gave me. what i did was cover him and rubbed in one full bottle (20oz) of mouth wash let it set for about 10 minutes and then applied a full bottle of baby oil (6.5oz) let it all set for 10 minutes then gave him a quick wash off with his normal oatmeal shampoo. i'll post how he's doing in the next few days.

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