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it sounds crazy but Listerine mouth wash @ baby oil ,pour mouth wash all over dog rub it in, then rub baby oil in all over dogs body ,in 1 treatment cleared up in 3-4 days.

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Is this for real? I found an abandoned puppy with mange and I can't afford a vet right now. I will try.


Just tried it, I'll let you know if it works.


well sandy did it work

Will JHB

Hi there. I would also like to know whether this works... rescued a pup, she is healthy now, just a light case of mange.


I actually thought this was a weird idea but as I could not afford a vet I tryed it and to my amazement it actually worked! I have a Rotti and he was biting and scratching to the point where he was bleeding, now after trying this he has stopped the biting and it seems to have really helped. Thanx for this very weird but well working remedy!!


is this for mange ? of fleas


do i leave this sit or do i just leave on and wash off?


I tried it, its wrkin great. I apply once ever 2weeks. Skin is starting to get back to norm.Before I couldn't even touch her tail without her crying. Thks for the cheap but affective rem.(:


OMG! This totally worked. I've had a problem with mange mites for the past six months. Just when I think it's clearing up, it starts up again. I hadn't realized I needed to de-contaminate the home as well as the dogs so they kept getting re-infested. My dogs had bald raw red blotches all over where they were scratching and biting their skin raw! I've spent so much money trying to get this under control. The listerine seemed to soothe their skin on contact. The baby oil was so moisturizing. Almost instantly, the red spots faded away and my dog's personalities started to come back. They had been miserable! I left the baby oil on for several hours and just now washed them lightly with Dial Anti-bacterial hand wash soap. I read online that someone highly recommended it for raw spots on dogs. I tried to leave the baby oil on their skin and just lightly washed it out of their coats. Since I first sprayed the listerine on, my dogs have not scratched or bitten at themselves at all, not even once! I highly recommend it and I will be using this method every few months just to make sure the mange mites don't come back.


By the way, it also helped for fleas. The baby oil killed them once I applied it generously.

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