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Quit eating dairy products of all kinds. No milk products. My life long eczema totally cleared after I stopped ingesting milk products. Try it!

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My family has a serious history with eczema. We are now finding out we also have many food allergies... Refrain from eating the foods you are allergic to and your eczema will not not flare up.


Well it would be unsafe to EAT foods you are alergic to now wouldent it?!


maybe you were allergic to dairy , not that you had eczema


My daughter is 8 and has never had a breakout until now. She has had milk her entire life. My husband and his brother both have eczema. I will try the no dairy stance if necessary, but I just am not sure about it.


Eczema is an allergic reaction to something. Whether it be dairy products, wheat products (gluten), sugars (specifically refined or similar tohigh fructose corn syrup), possibly environmental allergies of that nature. I took my daughter to the allergist they insisted she is not allergic to anything, but honestly I just don't know if I believe that. I have read several other posts as well that different eczema flare ups or different for each person depending on what their possibly allergy is or their possibly irritability to SOMETHING. Some also mentioning the overproduction of candida (yeast) which is fed by too much sugar starch and all the 'good' stuff :) ....sad that there are so many increases to this condition and also an increase in 'preservatives' in food. I don't doubt the connection there in lies.

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