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Hello, im 23 and I've had GH for years and the best thing to do is keep the area clean and keep it dry. To get rid of the little boogers I soak in a bath of Luke warm water with bleach in it. Then afterwards I use a Q-tip to directly apply bleach to the blisters. Rub it into them for as long as you can stand it. The pain will subside and stay gone. Do this as often as possible and they will be gone within a day or so. Yea it hurts but bleach kills 99.9 percent of viruses, says so on the label and GH is a virus ;)

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Mr.natural, I'm willing and ready to try what you did..please help me too..send some contact info.


I would def try your home remedy plz relay!


Mr.Natural im waiting...


Dear mr natural.. I am interested in what your Three ingredients are?? I would like the all clear by my doc as well... Please


What is this mystery 3 ingredients and if your doctor said you cured it why didnt he take this info to all the scientists that are trying to find a cure for this virus! You know the only reason they have not found an actual cure/vaccine for this is because lack of funds for this epidemic, since no one is dieing from it, its kind of on the bottom of the of the priority list. :/


mr. natural i have had my first outbreak and i'm going to the ob/gyn next week and im pretty sure that he's going to tell me i have herpes for i have all the symptoms. im desperate i haven't stopped crying and i'm in sooo much pain... please help i am so willing to try what u did please contact me


I want to know what Mr Natural has to offer..please contact me at

Age 30 Ohio

Are you crazy? Why would u tell people to use bleach? Honestly, we go through enough pain as it is so i don't know about anyone else but I do not want to inflict any more pain than I'm already experiencing. I do want to say that I'm glad we have a site like this, but I hope people use common sense before using any of these remedies. Good luck everyone.


Mr Natural please contact me about your Thank you so much!


mr.natural please help us please please i need ur help to cure this unclean spirit

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