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first and foremost i want to say thank you to everyone here, you have all been such a big help to me for emotional support. i have tried every trick on here for physcial healing and none of it has worked but i sure do appreciate the time everyone has taken in sharing and dealing with me. My blood tests finally came back today, tested positive for hsv 1 but negative for hsv 2. Since it was negative for the 2 type my doc will not prescribe me anymore valtrex he says he refusues to for type 1 it shouldnt b that bad, i am currently working on 0y 4th out break since i contracted it just a short time ago. I dont know whats causing it to be so frequent and so horribly bad since its only type 1 anyway but i do know i cant deal with it. Ive done everything even the food grade hydrogen peroxide, i dont feel any better, i have burned bled itched and cried every single day for the last month. Im considering endidng it, noone will want me now anyway, being a big woman i have already gone nearly 3 years without love so that pretty much hammers the nail in that coffin. Before i go i just wanted to say thanks fto everyones, their is such a good support group here. To all the newcomers i hope u had better luck than i did with treatment and i. To everyone everywhere if u ever are in a hospital or medical situation as long as u r coherent inssit that they where gloves, thats how i got this. Thanks again to all.

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i am at a loss. i am so scared of this!!! i think i have GH! I had what i thought was a zit and popped it. it was white and stringy. it seemed to come back a feew days later and i popped it again but this time i think i went too far. i made it bleed very badly, even used nail clippers to try to cut the top to pop it more. when i went to the doctor he told me he thinks it is herpes and gave me valtex. it never itched and burns only when i put something like peroxide on it -- and it really burns. it isn't a small grouping but rather a nickel sized sore that seems to still have a hole in the center. some small bumps have formed over the past few days as well. also, it keeps kinda ripping open cause of its location. i have been doing the peroxide and valtrex for just over 3 days. how long should it take to take affect? please help! i also ordered something topical online that should arrive tomorrow - kinda scared to try strange things off the internet but i am desperate. anyone know how long for valtrex to work and anyone know any other ideas?


forgive me as i didn't realize i was posting this under cassie's post. c'mon cassie! if you are still reading this blog... please hang in there. i am horrified right now and one thing i hear from everyone is that this DOES get better. i am still waiting for that myself but i do believe it. this is all brand new to me and, like i said, i am scared to death as i'm sure you are but keep in mind, there is hope and i am sure your situation will improve! thanks everyone and please keep helping each other -- god knows we need it!


You guys are all acting like it's the end of the world. Your not gonna die, this is not AIDS, it is Herpes. OK, so you get a little outbreak here and what? Your alive, you can't die of this. So wake up and smell the coffee...I have it too and I have come to live with it. Just pisses me off when I itch.


Hi Cassie, I just wanted to say that I am 23 and I also have GH. I am young and beautiful, but it doesnt make it easier. What I do, and it seems to work great... I take Acyclovir 200mg 2x per day. I only have an outbreak if I forget to take them. I live a normal life, and you can too. The script is only 11.00 per month, so its affordable. I know home remedies are also helpful, but it may need some taming first. The first few months are always the most difficult. Best wishes, you are not alone.


As a Nurse I suggest you find another doctor ASAP. It is unethical of your Doctor not to prescribe the medicine you need. My doctor gives me a prescription for acyclovir 400mg and I usually only take 2-4 each outbreak (2 a day). It usually starts to clear up by then.

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