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first and foremost i want to say thank you to everyone here, you have all been such a big help to me for emotional support. i have tried every trick on here for physcial healing and none of it has worked but i sure do appreciate the time everyone has taken in sharing and dealing with me. My blood tests finally came back today, tested positive for hsv 1 but negative for hsv 2. Since it was negative for the 2 type my doc will not prescribe me anymore valtrex he says he refusues to for type 1 it shouldnt b that bad, i am currently working on 0y 4th out break since i contracted it just a short time ago. I dont know whats causing it to be so frequent and so horribly bad since its only type 1 anyway but i do know i cant deal with it. Ive done everything even the food grade hydrogen peroxide, i dont feel any better, i have burned bled itched and cried every single day for the last month. Im considering endidng it, noone will want me now anyway, being a big woman i have already gone nearly 3 years without love so that pretty much hammers the nail in that coffin. Before i go i just wanted to say thanks fto everyones, their is such a good support group here. To all the newcomers i hope u had better luck than i did with treatment and i. To everyone everywhere if u ever are in a hospital or medical situation as long as u r coherent inssit that they where gloves, thats how i got this. Thanks again to all.

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ENDING IT IS NOT AN OPTION.... Being without love is not the end of the world. People, mates, lovers are more understanding then u think. Stay positive and stay motivated to love yourself even with what u are going through. I have had it for about 2 years. Some times I get breakouts a few times a month. It is depressing but I stay motivated for my own life and the people I love. This is something u can live with and be ok with. Trust me it gets better


Hi Cassie

It sounds like you are feeling pretty awful and unsupported. I also suffer from GH and contracted from an ex partner 15 years ago. It laid derment in my system till I had children and now I seem to get an outbreak every 2 months. My partner is amazing and accepts me still..... I also am a large lady but we are still just as beautiful and worthy as any other. Please don't be sad, maybe its time to go to the Dr and get the tablets....


Cassie, I have GH for the last 21 yrs got it from an ex two days after my birthday and I'm 41 now. I know what you are going through but ending your life is not the answer. I've had to talk with my partners before having sex and when you explain it carefully and know your body that would help ease them into the situation as well. I've been married with no problems from my ex-husband who excepted that part of me as well. Re-married now for 5yrs and he too is loving me as well. Just do some homework and find your triggers and you can live with this. After doing a lot of research because I don't believe in taking a lot of pills, I found out that stress, foods high in acid would cause the outbreaks and some times around your mensual, you would know when they are coming. I want to see you in heaven because that is the NO JUDGEMENT ZONE!


Cassie....everything will get better. Have had it for over 25 years. Your immune system will begin to cope with it better. My wife is also heavy and has it. But we cope just fine. Hang in there. The first few months will be the hardest time. There will be plenty of good days ahead.


Go to a different doctor and get the Valtrex. Get a prescription for once daily. Most doctors will write the script if you just say 'I need a prescription for herpes, and I was taking Valtrex before.' Done, simple as that. Just start taking it everyday. After you get control of it, then you can experiment with home remedies. Hope this helps.


Dont give up hope. Some guys do love heavy women. I have a friend in your same situation and me and her other friends constantly stay in contact and try to be her rock. There are millions who are going through the same thing. Dont give up hope!


I have had GH for the past 9 years, i found the first 2 or 3 years the outbreaks were worse and closer together. As time went on they got less frequent and less bothersome. Once in a blue moon when I am really stressed out, i will get a bad one. Once every couple months I get a small outbreak that usually lasts a week. I dont use any remedies, I just stay clean and dry. and do not have sex with my partner while I have an outbreak. It is an awful and embarressing thing to have, but you will learn to live with it. Glad I found people talking about it. It sure does help.


Mr. Natural,my question is did it cure the virus or treated it to lessen your number of outbreaks. Also do you care to share your remedy with us ?


Hi Cassie, please do not lose hope. Your problem is not the worst of all. A lot of people out there including kids are starving to death. There is no worse feeling than seeing one's own child dying because of hunger, but those parents are not losing hope. Pray because God never sleeps nor slumber. Everything happens for a purpose. I think what is depressing you more is the pain you are experiencing. Grieve no more, dear. While it is true that permanent cure to Herpes virus is still being studied by scientists and doctors, one should not suffer so much with the painful symptoms that go along with the cold sores like burning and stinging pain, itching, skin ulcers, and blisters. A new revolutionary medicine HERPESET relieves these symptoms with its natural ingredients. And good news is, wherever in the world you are, you can purchase for yourself Please try it. Here to help. God bless!

Shae T

Mr. or ms. natural i want to know what this cure is please let me knw

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