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I noticed an abscess starting the other day.I have had one before probably 8 years ago. Both times i've use the same remedy and ITS WORKED EACH TIME.
I feel your pain and know what your going through. Last night was night #2 and the pressure was unbearable.
The next morning i woke up at 630 and went to the local cvs
-green tea bags
-baking soda
take the advil first and put the dry tea bag right on the abscess. it will shrink it considerably in 15 minutes and form a head(white weak spot)
use a little peroxide and clean a pin/needle.. pop the head of the abcsess and push out the puss. --INSTANTLY RELIEVING THE PAIN--

next wet a cotton swab or something similar,(new advil bottle will have one inside) add peroxide and a half teaspoon of baking soda. and place it directly on the abscess. 10 or so minutes later rinse you mouth out with a mixture of table salt/grounded ginger(acts as an antibiotic((don't believe me look it up))/and warm water about 2or3 times a day and it won't even feel like you had one.

it will be completely deflated and NO PAIN! i literally did this hours ago.
Best of luck to you all.

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Been suffering for 3 weeks. Did the tea bag last night. Couldn't come to terms with the pin thing until this morning. I didn't even puncture, just put the needle to the skin and out burst the infection. Pushing it out was painful somewhat. Did the baking soda and then the ginger and salt. Yes, what a relief. I can't believe the difference. It is Saturday, Memorial weedend and try to find a dentist today???? Thank you so much!

Paul Clinton

chop up fresh garlic, let it mix together, it contains two chemicals that must be mixed, no cooking. Pour some vegetable oil and olive oil into a bowl place the garlic, some salt, honey, lemon, and let it stand for 2 hours. Place through a sieve, or even better put it through a blender. Not much will survive this potent mix. Then take a few ibuprofeno or asprins Warm up the mouth with a hot-water bottle, then put pressure on the area. then take a insulin needle and drain the area. keep using the mix for a week, and also antibiotics.(the vet was ok for me, said it was for a dog of 75kg) Then go to the cheapest dentist.

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