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quick and easy steps...prevents too oily skin, blackheads, pimples, zits, and dry skin. ALSO is a great way to remove make-up while saving you 30 dollars at MAC. im not sure why it works so well...i just know it does.

step 1.) rub vasline all over your face

step 2.) wipe of with hot towel.

youll see all the days gunk come off, and your skin feels refreshed with just enough moisture.

:) good luck!!

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I really need to know what type of vaseline? Which product? My id is


This is refering to regular plain vaseline. Vaseline is a petrolium based jelly that is sold in rectangular plastic or glass jars. Petrolium jelly provides a natural moisture barrier that even hospitals use to keep skin and lips hydrated.

lilziz mboob

ow wat kinda


Can you do it at night?my gmail is


What kind of vaseline should i use my email jeremiahezekiel88@yahoo.Com. Pls help ok


Vaseline is a barrier. It retains water thats already in the skin. Thats good if you need to heal. It wont let the water escape. Only problem is that it wont let any MORE water in which is important! ater alone. Many people prefer not to use it for dry skin or prefer not to use it on certain parts of their bodies, such as the face.

The safety of using Vaseline for dry skin is debatable. Some argue that it clogs pores and the chemicals that Vaseline is derived from are not healthy for human skin to absorb. From an anecdotal perspective, many believe it has been linked to acne breakouts and other negative skin conditions. Despite these concerns, Vaseline is approved for use by many governments & considered safe.
My personal opinion is that its great on the feet, elbows & knees. Ive read both good & bad reviews about using it to take off mascara. I have found Vaseline to be effective in those areas especially feet bc the skin is not delicate like the face. I broke out bad when I tried it on my face. On my body, I felt good at first but my dry skin didn't get better & often seemed worse. However, its affordable. Try grapeseed oil, olive oil, shea butter ... i love them all.


Would Vaseline lotion work?


I did it with one cheek and not the other to see if i could feel the difference and i could !!!!


Hi.. what types if vaseline?
My email was


hi sounds good and easy but how long to wait for before wipe it off and also pls what kind of Vaseline are you using.

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