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CORN STARCH POWDER! extreamly water on bum...protects skin and rolls all liquid right off baby.

caution: can be a messy applicaation, so keep a towel on hand

good luck for you and baby !!!

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I've read that if the rash is forming from a yeast infection, that corn starch can make it worse since yeast loves to 'eat up' corn starch. Talc is dangerous for infants when inhaled... so be careful before deciding to use one of those on a rash.


I used this on my daughter and also on my son and it works good :)


i was told by a RN that corn starch is a huge no-no because as the other person stated if the rash is a yeast it feeds off the corn starch a makes the condition worse


Yes, corn starch can cause terrible yeast infections.

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