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Try pouring hydrogen peroxide on the tooth that is hurting. It stings for a minute then goes away.

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This works! I didn't dilute the hydrogen P but instead just took the chance and swished it for about thirty second in my mouth up agianst the bad tooth. Thirty Seconds later-the pain was gone! It works better than Ibuprofen.


I swished it in my mouth for about a minute undiluted. There is burning and alot of foaming in the area,and more relief by doing this then swallowing tylenol all day long. I would of never believed it. What a nasty taste though!!!


i have had a pain in my top and bottom wisdom teeth for two days. i took a cotton ball and soaked it in pure hp and sure enough it works. the bottom pain is completly gone and the top has lesson greatly. thanks

Derinda R.

After two difficult nights of sleep, I decided I couldn't deal with an achy tooth anymore. Tried the hydro peroxide remedy and noted instant relief. Thank you that I do not have to make a mad dash to drug store to buy pain relief medicine.


This remedy really does work! Try it and you will see how fast. Thank you.


This works so well. Thankyou so much. My husband was in so much pain, I filled a cup with peroxide and gave it to him. It burned for a little, he even said Are you trying to kill me here? But as soon as he said it, the pain was gone. Thankyou sooooooo much.


this really works, but I found I had to keep doing it often...good to tide you over until you can get to the dentist...I used it undiluted, and used it when the pain was at its worst...swished it around, and sometimes I had to do it 4-5 times before I felt the relief-but it does work


I just tried it. I hope it works!! Thank goodness for the internet!!


Tried it, made it worse... Hope it helps anyone who tries it though.


i just tried it and it worked for a few minuted and now i keep doing it.
thank you

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