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Coconut Oil works great for almost everything! Acne, tooth pain, Diabetes, liver and kidney problems, and it makes your hair healthier and shiny. You will not be disappointed! Try it! It's so healthy for your skin and hair.

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Unless you are an Esthetician or have skin care education in your background, you would be well aware of how horribly emollient coconut oil is and how how much alkaline is in it. It is not recommended for acne. It will exacerbate the acne, which is a medical issue with ones skin. I understand you are just trying to help, but in all honesty you should do more research about how coconut oil is a lovely ingredient for anhydrous skin (skin that is lacking moister, i.e. a woman going through menopause) or other skin situations where acne is not a factor. I want to help you, by correcting you. Coconut oil is a bad choice for acne, I should know I am a Skincare Technician. If you are interested in homeopathic ingredients for your acne, try diluted Tea Tree Oil, topical acne treatment with sulfur.

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