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For several days I used hot/warm compresses and carefully cleaned the abscess and surrounding area with hot water,under my armpit. I even once used a slice of potato, suggested as a home remedy (it didn't work). After about 10 days the abscess came to a head and it was very sore but had not popped. I went to Boots pharmacy (UK) and was advised to use Magnesium sulphate (paste form)to draw it out. I used it that evening and in the morning I noticed there was no longer any soreness. On going to the bathroom the whole area had changed into a white coloured sac. Wondering what I should then do, the abscess almost immediately started to drain itself.
I suggest having plenty of swabs/cotton pads at the ready to clean it up, it smells foul. However what an immediate relief after all of that pain and stinging. I then dabbed the area clean with hydrogen peroxide 6%/30 vol (not the hair strength form) to make sure the area is very clean and bacteria free, and have protected the area with a large plaster, although gauze might be better, so that the small wound, which is left can heal.

Magnesium sulphate is extremely quick, and cheap! I am so grateful to the Boots pharmacy advisor for recommending it and if I ever get another abscess or boil, and hopefully not, then I would use it far sooner.

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Dissolve about 1 tsp magnesium sulphate (epsom salt) in 1/2 glass of ice cold water. apply this cold compress every hour or so. brings to boil to a head very soon.


I also use the magnesium sulphate from Boots. It can take a while if it is a prarticularly bad boil, but it does work!


Thanks for the tip. I went to Boots and tried the magnesium sulphate, it worked the same night. The abscess drained while I was sleeping, now keeping it clean with the peroxide 6%. I've tried antibiotics and have suffered for years. I am so relieved as my husband was suggesting I needed to go to the hospital to get it lanced. I found your tip just in time. Thanks to all of you who posted your remedies. Also taking the turmeric capsules from Holland and Barratts.

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