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use warm vinegar on the scalp and then start to brush you head with lice comb all lice will remove from is my personal use which is my daughter got lice from school and then spread to my hair and my 3 years old other daughter.and this therapy helped dandruff too,why wasting money on lice shampoo,by the way some may be concern it is acid which is it is but will not burn scalp.

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Sunshine girl

Thank you for posting this I have Lice and I'm 12 and it itches really bad so in the morning I will try this and get back to u later


used NIX on my daughter 8 days ago, did all the usual, hot water washing, couches covered, vacuuming, etc., etc. Late at night on day 5, she started itching like crazy, but didn't wake me. Next morning I looked & she was infested again - all eggs hatched, I guess. NIX did not kill all bugs & eggs, I had chased them like crazy ! anyways, looked on here, found vinegar solution, used it and WOW ! had to redo again, but again, WOW ! they come to the surface, they appear clearly, the eggs come off easier, it was fabulous ! I did her this morning and again this evening, and the evening was almost nothing. I'll do her again tomorrow, hopefully it'll be good results too. word to the wise, this stuff burns the eyes, be VERY careful !


can i use apple cidar vinager or does it not matter? my 6 year old sister brought lice home on the first day of school and it wasnt caught until i found them in my hair this morning!!


what strength did you use?


omg i relized i had lice and saw this site and spoted this angel i will tr this:D thanks

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