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I discovered my daughter's head lice had returned a few weeks after we used some lice medicine. I still let her go swimming in a friend's salt water pool. When she came back the lice were gone. Then I washed her hair with dog shampoo and combed it with a nit comb. I haven't seen any lice or eggs for a year. (There were no lice at my house, so I didn't have to wash pillows and all that. She got the lice originally while staying with my ex.)

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Never use dog shampoo unless you want to lose alot of hair.


We own a salt water pool & I can assure you this remedy will not work. And, never, ever use dog shampoo on your child or yourself. You're kidding, right?


Thank you for the info. Let me just say I love the creativity.


Have you seen the chemicals in RID or NIX, dog shampoo sounds alot safer and it says it kills fleas, ticks and lice..I dont think dog shampoo has ever caused brain damage like RID or NIX.


My roommate had lice back in my college years. I was worried I would get it so I washed my hair with dog shampoo because it said it kills lice. A doctor told me, dog lice and people lice are two different types and the dog shampoo would not kill head lice in people but could poison me. He said I should never do that again because it is very unsafe.

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