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I am 6 and half months pregnant and i have genital warts...I caught them many years ago..Now I am married and expecting my first child..My first break out many years ago was devastating...I went to the doctor to burn them off and it was so annoying cause they kept coming back and I had to keep going back so they can burn them off....Anyways my point is the these suckers have to come off before i give birth and my husband see this...I will be so embarrassed and ashammed...I`m suppose to be happy giving birth not ashammed and embarresed that everyone will see these warts...When you are pregnant you cant use any treatment down there cause it is not safe for you baby...So this is what i did...I have a pair of sharp hairdressing sissors...I put them under hot water and clean them with alcohol...Then I cut the suckers off...It did not hurt but you have to be careful youre not cutting yourself and your cutting the warts off...After i cut them it bleed like crazy I jumped in the shower and now I am fine...I am so happy they are gone..I ask my ob can she do anything about this she said not when youre pregnant..So I did something about it and cut those nasty thing`s off...I feel so much happier and better...

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ouch that had to hurt! despite u saying it didnt! it must be tough to be pregnant and deal with GW, but i would suggest using OTC stuff which seem to just affect the skin and not hurt the baby. but then again im no expert.
glad they are gone.
good luck to u and the baby!

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