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So be careful with any non dog shampoo,it may work but it didn't mean it's OK for ur dogs skin. I'm a retired groomer, and the best thing I have found is :
2 lemons cut in to 4ths then put about 3 -4 cups of water in a pan an boil the lemons. In it for about 30 min. Let cool an strain. Use a clean sponge to lightly cover ur dog in the lemon juice. Do this every 12 hours. Then use same parts salt an backing soda on anything u can vacuum. It dehydrates the fleas. Vacuum every 3-6 hr. Repeat as needed

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I would recommend substituting mint or fish oil for frontline. It works the best.



can u use concentrated lemon juice or do u have to use real lemons


What do you all know about Capstar? It is supposed to kill fleas within in hour of giving the tablet to your dog? What side effects can it impose on our dog? We have little Papillions. Thank You


How long should you leave the salt and baking soda on the carpet and furnishings for before hoovering? x


does this lemon work for cats too?

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