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Im 20 yrs old and I think ive had Gh since i was 15. I was never really informed on what gh was so I just put it off as a symptom of my hpv..but now as I'm older I relize its GH I was on valtrex for a year till my insurance ran out and I was outbreak free for 3 years after stoping the meds...but for the past 2 years I've been getting atleast 3 to 5 ob a year...I usually just put neosporin on it and it goes away within a week...I'm having a breakout now and its the worse I've ever had it started with 2 and now it spread and I have 6 sores..I started with acne sulfer stuff that made it scab up but the continues to spread..I've had them now for 7 days and I'm miserable..I'm broke so the only resourses I've had was some leftover epsom salt and neosporin...the warm epson salt baths ease the pain and the neosporin seams to help a little...but It keeps getting worse..and I'm really scared..I just started dating a guy and we had sex once a few weeks ago...but I'm scared to tell him I have it..I havnt had to worry about it in years and I always use protection...I just want to get rid of the outbreak as soon as possible so I can think of what I'm gunna tell him without the stress of having the outbreak at the time I do it..what's the BEST and quickest way for me to get rid of it...I have enough stress as it is..bad enough I go to bed crying everynight..

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Go to the store and pick up some L-Lysine in the vitamin & supplements section..its pretty inexpensive, I got a bottle of 100pills for like $4. Take up to 3000mgs a day while you are having an outbreak and it will help speed the healing. google lysine for herpes and read up on it...thats all I have been doing along with mercuroclear to clean myself down there and it works well together!! There is hope!! And good luck telling your partner. I just recently discovered I have gh and I already knew I had hpv. You can manage them and prevent outbreaks..just try not to stress or get you down! also start taking a multi-vitamin as well and stay well hydrated. Hope this helps!!


oh yeah I wanted to add...when I started the Lysine...after only taking it for 2 days they sores started healing up very good and they were gone in less than a week!!! :) Good luck dear!!


Im currently going through an outbreak...its my second one already this year. I have had it for 3 years now. I have relied mostly on the acyclovier (spelling?)prescribed by the doctor. I recently found that its too expensive so I have found a site called, look it up they are reputable. I can get the prescription through them, I just ordered a 7 month supply. Taking it everyday prevented my breakouts, but since i have been off of it for only 3 weeks, I am now having one. I just ordered the medication so I have to wait for shipping unfortunately and I am not sure what to do in the meantime. I think I will try the L-Lysine and see if that helps in the meantime. As for telling your partner...its not a fun deal and its embarrassing and extremely hard. All I know is, if i was in their shoes that I would have wanted to know. I had to keep it in my head that they may walk away from me, but that right guy will not give up on me and will appreciate my honesty. Either live with a secret that haunts you the entire time you are having sex with your partner, or you live with the thought that someone you may care about will walk away from you, but know you were at least honest.

In my case, I had sex with my current partner 8 months ago. I didnt tell him at the time but i told him a couple weeks later. We are still together, but have not had sex since. I will say I am closer with him more on an emotional level then I ever could have thought possible. We have an amazing bond and he appreciates my honesty because he knows it was hard for me to tell him and it takes a lot of strength. He would tell anyone to be honest with it like I matter what the outcome your partner has the right to know.

There is hope...its just a little harder for those of us with GH to find that special someone. If you can be honest with this, it shows you can be honest and trustworthy in a relationship.

21 have had it since I was 19

I take red marine algae from a nutrition center. It's 15.99 a bottle but a nurse told me it's better than valtrex. She told me to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. It has lessened my outbreaks. Good luck!


I have had herpes seince i was 19 and i am 25 now. I had one outbreak at 19 and then nothing for years. When i turned 22 they came back w a vengance. I have atleast 5-6 outbreaks a year seince then, sometimes they are bad and other not so. I have found that using neosporin makes it worse (for me anyways) I make sure to wash myslef 3 to 4 times a day with just plain water. Then i use a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide on the sores. Then i dry it with a blow dryer. They seem to scab and heal quickly. Sometimes they wont even surface. Insted of the neosporin try using A&D ointment. Not the white cream but the clear that looks like vasaline. Trust me i have tried everything!!! All kinds of over the counter creams and the A&D oitnment seems to sooth it quickly. good luck

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