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so ive tried pretty much every remedy on this page besides the red cross kit! i was thinking about getting it last night but today i feel a little better, might not need it. these remedies helped me most.

1. IBPROFEN - there is no substitute, i was taking norco, tylenol, soma, asprin. nothing took the pain away but the ibprofen, somone posted take 4 200mg pills every 4 hours, worked really well for me. pills can take up to an hour to kick in if you have a full stomach, so dont miss doses and have the pain come back!!

2. rinse mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. i gargled this on my tooth for about 30 sec - 1 min intervals cause it really felt like it was stinging or drying out my gums. but i would rinse my mouth out with mouth wash, water, salt water, water, EVERYTHING but when i let the peroxide sit on the tooth and bubble in there, it pulled out some black crap!! pretty sure it worked out whatever was in my tooth causing the infection. i would suggest rinsing every hour if you can. or as often as you can..

3. warm salt water rinses felt good, but didnt last long. kills many germs in mouth

4. crushed cloves on my tooth, kept them in my mouth a little while to get them soft, bit on them with good teeth a little to soften them too, then crushed them on infected tooth and let it sit on it for about 20 mins.

5. the tea bag trick worked for me, but only once.. i tried it again and idk it wouldnt stop the pain. but it worked really well the first time around

6. EAT AND DRINK HEALTHY! dont be drinking soda and eating sweets while your tooth is infected. this isnt helping your body fight the infection. drink lots of water.

and just make sure you get rest, if youre not sleeping then your body prob isnt doing a good job healing. also i wouldnt smoke either. i know its hard, but this helps.

good luck guys. my heart goes out to all of you!

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