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Due to how your stomach is situated, lay on your left side. This reduces acid traveling back through the esophogeal valve between the stomach and the esophogus.

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Great suggestion! It is true and has worked for me many times. I try not to sleep on my right side specifically for this reason.


either thats bullshit or i have something else wrong with me,....if i lay on either right or left just makes it worse


this is somewhat correct! its a great way to relieve yourself if you have gas or a painfull gas bubble. its also a great way to help constipation. doc's lay you on this side if you recieve a colonic(they 'suck' your poop out!) but i strongly disagree that this would have any imediate effect on heartburn/indigestion! it even takes a while to help with the things i mentioned. plus the 'left side' thing is more directed to your lower digestive sysetm(intestins)

MIsty W. from AthensTN

This does work. I have done it a many of times when I have had heartburn and it has worked every time.


This is a true fact, I was unaware of why it was easier to sleep on my left side. It's a releif to know that its the way the stomach is designed, I thought there may have been another reason (something worse). Totally agree with your comment.


This really does work! I always lay on my left side for a few mins when I first go to sleep at night to make sure I don't get heartburn at night.


My acid reflux is way too bad for it to work.

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