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Cancer feeds off sugars..... One of the MAIN things go avoid. Helleewww. Look it up


There are many docters in hospitals and etc, they are not allowed to cure someone. The cancer industry is a 60 billion+ dollar industry.

The person who mentioned drinking tea, tea is good but what does tea require, it requires water, look up fluoride in the drinking water, this is poison which concentrates in the penal glade and can cause many illnesses. I use a reverse osmosis water filtration system to sterilize the drinking water or use a distiller.

Ask yourselves why ounce a very rare disease in the past is so common in many forms now.??

We are being poisoned on many levels, know that my friends~ do the knowledge and you shall see.

Here are some cures I researched but there are many more

Colloidal Silver
Sodium Bicarbonate
Vitamin B17
Apricot Seeds/ B17
Oxygen Theropy
Rifle Machine (need more research)

and etc

We have been lied to on many levels, thats why you see a global awakening in the world, great changes are coming for a free humanity.

Go to Google and see all I speak of if you doubt me, dont rely on the mainstream medias they are own and do nothing but lie, twist the truth, deceive people and etc.

Do research, find alternative sources of news, join those part of occupy movements, google for info and etc

We can all unit and evolve into a better world we are facing great changes and my goal is to help others to understand these happenings so theyll have a better ideas of whats to come.


It really worked I had bone cancer and all i did was apply this magical formula to the cores of my very bones and within ten days i won a triathlon. also a good dose of marijuana helps too. F#@k the man!


This website might be helpful for some of you.


Make that 5 gallons of whisky or tequila and it should cure anything!


Let all the naysayers that believe in fairytales that mommy and daddy told them back home sit there and keep shelling out money to The Wizard of Oz. Basically, I agree with the orginator of this post. Society's financial leaders generally don't care about you; ever watch John Q. It's a revolving cycle going around and around. Your neighborly pharmacist won't tell you things that he already knows will help you, but sends you to the doctor. Insurance laws works themselves back around to doctors. Some would rather live peaceful through the cancer rather than go the chemo, potentially have do the entire process over again, and die in the end anyway. This is not the ideal scenario, but it does happen to many. It happened to my
granny. I think vinegar is supposed to aid cancer. More power to you, as it is definitely your prerogative to say no to the doctors just like it is their prerogative to throw money at stripper looking to lie to get your money and they won't even derive momentary pleasure from this. More power to you!


In most cases Cancer is caused and fed by unhealthy lifestyles. Eating toxic, processed food, drinking alcohol, smoking, any prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals really, which are found in pretty much all standard food and drink. Also know that cancer feeds on sugar. So step one is to cut out all sugar from your diet, as well as all processed foods. Switch to a natural all organic diet of mostly raw vegetables. Juice raw vegetables daily. Exercise within your limits to promote circulation. Drink lots of water to help eliminate wastes. Now begin a gentle detox of your body, focusing on your liver, for a couple weeks. You must also understand that cancer is always found in a people with an acidic system. Green vegetables are alkaline. You need to raise your bodies ph above 7 creating an internal environment not suited to cancer. Baking soda helps rasie ph, mixed with molasses is good option. Then there are many, MANY different natural compounds that can combat cancer in different ways, and depending on your cancer certain ones are more effective, but not every cancer is identical, s no two people's bodies are identical, so what may work well for one person may not for you, but there are many options, so you may have to try multiple. The turmeric book basically informs you of how turmeric is non-toxic to humans and that in high doses it has anti-tumor, anti-cancer capabilities. You want to take a whole spectrum approach to cancer, there is no magic pill, or shortcuts to a healthy, functional lifestyle. Although, there are many VERY effective natural cancer treatments. ESSIAC TEA, the budwig diet, a certain cannabis oil extraction ie phoenix tear oil, selenium, curcumin from turmeric, capsacin from habanero peppers or similarly hot, the gerson protocol, and many more, once you start searching for the information you will find it available far and wide on the topic of natural cancer cures and you should want to take as much of that information in as possible. Limit the intake of toxins, flush out the build up of toxins, nourish the body with wholesome natural organic food, exercise, get plenty of rest at least 8 hours sleep every night, and research and implement some different natural remedies, but be careful as some work in opposite ways to cancel each other out and above all believe in yourself, as you are the one that will ultimately cure yourself, not a doctor, not plant, but YOU, your conscious, daily decision to overcome the challenge at hand. Keep your faith strong, stay disciplined, and in time you will find your strength returning, and at some point perhaps even surpassing your previous state of being. The power is inside you, take hold and step into the light. Godspeed.


I received an entire article about this particular species of Aloe Vera. The more I seek out Natural Cancer Cures, the more I am amazed how God has COMPLETELY equipped Mother Earth with EVERYTHING we need to be healthy and happy! Get Well and Stay Well! It’s all up to YOU!
This Miracle Plant Dissolves Cancer Tumors!

Did You Know…

… aloe arborescens This Miracle Plant Dissolves Cancer Tumors! that whole leaf aloe arborescens (not to be confused with aloe vera) has been shown to shrink cancerous tumors—and has clinical proof of efficacy in treating AIDS?

Aloe arborescens is like the often-overlooked sibling to the more popular aloe vera, a medicinal plant widely used to treat skin ailments such as sunburns, cuts, scrapes and rashes. Deserving of much more acclaim, Aloe arborescens contains none of the usual underdog characteristics, as it is proven to be a more effective anti-cancer agent and immune booster than aloe vera. Studies conducted by the Palatinin Salzano Institute in Italy indicate that aloe arborescens is 200% more abundant in curative nutrients and 75% richer in anti-cancer compounds than aloe vera is.

The Health-giving Ingredients of the Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are among the world’s most biologically active plants, meaning they feed our cells with living nutrients. Cut an aloe leaf open and you will see a thick gel-like substance that is made up of 99% water and only 1% aloe juice. Within that 1% aloe juice, however, are over 200 active plant compounds, such as phytonutrients, enzymes, proteins, oils, polysaccharides and monosaccharides, as well as 12 essential vitamins, 20 key minerals and 18 vital amino acids.

The antioxidant and restorative effects of aloe administer many benefits, such as inhibiting the growth of tumor cells, detoxifying and oxygenating your blood, and much more!

Aloe as an Anti-Cancer Agent

aloe spoon This Miracle Plant Dissolves Cancer Tumors! Physicians and clinics around the world have implemented aloe arborescens as a cancer cure for many years now. After witnessing dozens of patients diagnosed with untreatable cancer enter remission after drinking a potent tonic of aloe arborescens, the Brazilian priest, Father Romano Zago, spent 20 years researching the science behind the herb. Collecting more than 40 corroborative stories, Zago reported his findings in the popular book, Cancer be Cured!

One story tells how a man suffering from prostate cancer was brought back from the brink of death by drinking this aloe concentrate. He was released from the hospital, his massive tumor virtually disappeared, and he lived a long life well into his 80s.

Alternative health expert, Dr. Julian Whitaker, recounts a similar story, explaining how a 10-year-old boy with a rare brain tumor enjoyed a cancer-free life full of normal activities after drinking 8 ounces of whole leaf aloe vera concentrate every day for 3 months.

The medical community has categorized aloe arborescens as a Stage IV supplemental treatment, proven to enhance the efficacy of chemo agents cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan, Neosar) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU). A 2009 study consisting of 240 patients revealed that chemotherapy patients who ingested an extract of aloe arborescens daily showed significantly greater improvement than patients who underwent chemotherapy alone. Researchers concluded that aloe arborescens complements the effects of chemotherapy by slowing down tumor growth and increasing survival time.

Acemannan, a sugar compound present in aloe, both boosts cell communication and stimulates the immune system. It stimulates nitric oxide, the immune system’s weapon against cancer. Aloe arborescens also contains glycoproteins that have been shown to suppress the growth of fibrosarcoma tumors (tumors originating in the tissues of bones or muscles) in mice.

The immune stimulating properties of aloe also render the herb a wonderful therapy for AIDS sufferers. One study found that nearly all of the AIDS patients who were administered aloe therapy experienced improved conditions due to a dramatic increase in their white T-cell count.

Want Your Daily Dose of Aloe?

Store bought aloe is typically not nutrient-dense, as the majority has been processed, heated and diluted. Beware: a label of 100% aloe juice may be false, as the government issues no legal ramifications against such a claim.

If you want to benefit specifically from aloe arborescens, it is worthwhile to grow your own.

Father Zago’s original recipe consists of …

3-4 large aloe arborescens leaves
1.1 lbs. of pure honey—avoid honey labeled synthetic or refined. (The honey is the carrier for the aloe.)
2-3 Tablespoons of grappa, whisky, cognac (pure alcohol, wine, beer and liqueurs cannot be used). (This ingredient is considered a distillate responsible for accelerating the cleansing process and dissolving ingredients in the aloe that our bodies are unable to fully absorb.)

If using as a cancer or AIDS cure, take 2 tablespoonfuls 3 times a day for 10 days, discontinue use for 10 days, and then resume for another 10 days. Follow this program until all signs of cancer are gone.

If using as a preventative measure, take 2 tablespoonfuls 3 times a day for 10 days once per year.

To see article photos go to yournaturalcancercures (dot) com and do a search for 'aloe'


There will never be a cure for cancer. That's because cancer isn't a disease, it's a word used to describe more than a hundred different diseases that all sort of look the same but have completely different causes and affect completely different areas of the body in completely different ways. Although it's exceedingly cute when a magic herb or extract is discovered that will 'cure cancer'.


Look scientist have found a cure for cancer but if it was released the world would be too overpopulated...curing cancer is all about making money.. plain and simple!

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