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Rinse With hot salt water then take a tea bag and bite down on it with the affected tooth and leave it there (you might have to change bags in about an hour or so. You will feel zero pain for HOURS!

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Worked for me... ! I held the bag in my mouth for about 5 mins and it took about 5 mins for pain to cease, it has lasted 1 hour so far, thanks for the great advice I hope it works for you...!


this worked great for me! thanks for the idea!


seems to work. I suspect the salty water gets in the gap and clears it and then then tea bag soaks up the cavity?


not for an abcess the hot water makes the infection spread QUICK
! will try the tea bag tho!


im still biting the bag. and it hurts like crazy. but i think it will work. i heard of this before. you do it when your wisdom teeth get taken out. so your thing if professional!! thanks for posting. ow!! you made my day.


heyo me again im still not hurting and its morning time.


Do u have to boil the tea bag or just apply like that out of the wrapper??

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