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(sorry, I accidentally posted this under a comment, same topic.)

My family has a history of asthma and I have been suffering from seasonal allergy/cold. Claritin and other drugs didn't help much except making me drowsy every time. We finally learned an extremely effective method from an Eastern herbal medicine book. (The book is about 100 plants/vegetables and their miraculous cures for various ailments. Unfortunately it's in another language and I don't know if there's an English translation. You can do some personal research on herbal medicine, fruits, and vegetables in general.)

I received instant result the next day; no more congestion, runny nose, phlegm, no more cold feeling around my chest area, and I no longer feel like I drown in my own water every time I go to bed and wake up. Pollens and whatnot, I now can breathe and walk freely in the park during spring and summer time. What a relief!!! If the following method is also effective for you, please spread the words to others also.

-Buy some fresh garlic bulbs, take out about 4 pieces/cloves (or a few more pieces/cloves if you don't mind the smell and taste), peel off all their papery covering, and cut the pieces/cloves into small slices (like how you would for frying or sauté)
-Get a fairly full cup of water (like a normal coffee cup/mug)
-Boil the water and the garlic slices in a pot for about 5-10 minutes (the main purpose is to get the garlic's juice)
-Wait for it to cool down and drink the juice
-Do so daily until the symptoms of allergy/cold are gone

I personally prefer the taste and smell of burnt garlic, not boiled garlic, so I usually have to eat a bit of something sweet after every time I drink the juice. :D If you don't like the lingering smell and taste of garlic afterwards, drink some tea mixed with a few slices of ginger. Ginger also helps in warming up your body. It really worked for me and my family. I now no longer suffer from nasal congestion and I hope it will work for you too!

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Bunged up nose

Apart from making me stink this remedy had no effect what so ever!


How many cups can I drink daily or is it just one cup. Is it better in the morning or night? Thanks


take two big spoonfull of mustard oil in a small pot and three garlic cloves. Heat the mustard oil and pul the cloves into it untill cloes get charred. Cool the oil ,sieve it ,store it in a small glass bottle.Put 2 drops into each nostril just lying down in bed before you go to sleep.You will wake up feeling fresh in the morning with nose breathing freely. Ido this to my kids.


Just cooked myself some garlic broth, drinking it now and one nostril is already free!:))) I added some herbs, salt and pepper to tons of garlic, boiled for 10min, muddled the garlic when it got soft to get more juice out. Strained all that into a cup - and got myself some tasty garlic broth!:))) this cold better run out of my body overnight!:)))

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