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(sorry, I accidentally posted this under a comment, same topic.)

My family has a history of asthma and I have been suffering from seasonal allergy/cold. Claritin and other drugs didn't help much except making me drowsy every time. We finally learned an extremely effective method from an Eastern herbal medicine book. (The book is about 100 plants/vegetables and their miraculous cures for various ailments. Unfortunately it's in another language and I don't know if there's an English translation. You can do some personal research on herbal medicine, fruits, and vegetables in general.)

I received instant result the next day; no more congestion, runny nose, phlegm, no more cold feeling around my chest area, and I no longer feel like I drown in my own water every time I go to bed and wake up. Pollens and whatnot, I now can breathe and walk freely in the park during spring and summer time. What a relief!!! If the following method is also effective for you, please spread the words to others also.

-Buy some fresh garlic bulbs, take out about 4 pieces/cloves (or a few more pieces/cloves if you don't mind the smell and taste), peel off all their papery covering, and cut the pieces/cloves into small slices (like how you would for frying or sauté)
-Get a fairly full cup of water (like a normal coffee cup/mug)
-Boil the water and the garlic slices in a pot for about 5-10 minutes (the main purpose is to get the garlic's juice)
-Wait for it to cool down and drink the juice
-Do so daily until the symptoms of allergy/cold are gone

I personally prefer the taste and smell of burnt garlic, not boiled garlic, so I usually have to eat a bit of something sweet after every time I drink the juice. :D If you don't like the lingering smell and taste of garlic afterwards, drink some tea mixed with a few slices of ginger. Ginger also helps in warming up your body. It really worked for me and my family. I now no longer suffer from nasal congestion and I hope it will work for you too!

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i tryed the garlic water for the first time last night and it is 7am and i sleep better then i have sleep in months. it realy worked i am breathibng better today i also did the hanbkerc hief over my nose last night and my sibnus's are clearer then they hav e been in a year with out takeing steroids. thank you so muc h for this i plan to continue drinkibng the garlic water everyday i will keep everyone posted on my progress and how it works out.

Ravi Anand

100 % working formula, yesterday I tried the same its work like anything, amazing.....

Thanks for those who invented it.....

Ravi Anand

Thomas Duduchoge

For the first time in several years, i have been able to sleep without having to use a nasal drop. Thanks to the garlic magic.


sorry , its a query . how many cupsof the broth or garlic water a day .


can we subsitute water with chicken broth, and boil garlic in ch broth. how can i get a reply


Plain and simple, it worked in my case within an hour. I couldn't sleep so I looked up home remedies, found this remedy, I figured Ive got nothing to lose had a nice hot cup of tea and I'm feeling great. I will keep drinking it tomorrow, day after and every and any other time should I feel the way I did before it. Thank you...


This works, I made it with chicken broth. Tried neti pot and sinus were too congested for water to flow. Also tried jumping jacks and it didn't work. Good luck!


I've been congested as long as I can remember and after 2weeks with a cold things were especially bad so I've just given this a go. I have to say it was pretty disgusting and made me feel a bit sick even tho I like garlic, but half an hour later and I swear I can feel a difference! Is this placebo? I sure hope not, I don't want to keep using nasal sprays as I'm worried about long term effects and losing my sense of smell. Thanks for your advice!


I put a spoonful of honey in the mix. As Marry Poppins sung 'just a spoonful of sugar makes your medicine go down' :)

There's another immune booster - forgot what website i got it from but I remember the solution:

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup raw unfiltered honey
8 large garlic cloves crushed.

mix all together and put in a mason jar to be stored in the fridge. Each day take 2 teaspoons of the mix in 8 ounces of distilled water daily.

The taste is actually not bad - I need to mix up another batch here.

Hope that helps :)


I literally just finished drinking my mug of Gaelic juice. The taste really wasn't bad too me; I just told myself that it was soup.

It opened up my nose almost instantly and it's still working. I can't wait to see this through! If you try it, be prepared with some tissue close by!

Thanks for sharing!

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