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My heart goes out to you all including myself. I was diagnosed 28 yrs ago. I unfortunately, took a shower and used the wrong towel. I thought my world was over. Was told by the diagnosing dr. I would never be able to have kids. We there is hope because there is a God above who heard my crys. This is what I did. You must first mentally refuse to accept. It seems that the stress of having it was a trigger for me. Once I refused it, I did my homework and used old fashioned remedies. I took a warm bath every night using Dial soap, the gold bar. My grandmother swore it could kill anything. Since my sores were on my labia and inside I put zinc oxide on the open sores. Its what they use for diaper rash. Your urine will run right over the open sores without any pain. I also held my vagina apart during urination to prevent my urine from touching me. Drink plent water to ensure your urine doesn't get too strong. That helps a lot. Wear loose underware and when your alone with no one around don't wear any underware. The air heals them in no time. Wash your hands often and AVOID the eye area with unclean hands. If you refuse to let it take over it can't. I'm now 50 years old with 2 children and a husband who was warned over 25 years ago that I ha d it but loved me despite it all. I noticed the older I got the less the obs come. I went for 5 years without any incident and then stress entered into my life and back they arrived and in different places. Also, Ester C vitamins helped keep my immune system in tact thereby keeping me free. Good luck. I hope this helps. You can live with it just don't let it control you. You CONTROL it! God bless. LM

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I found out i had it back in dec and i had like every week. But now i accept this disease. I know its not the end of the world and i want to have kids but im scared of passing it to them. Im a heavy set woman and im doing my best to live healthy and eat more healthy foods. I have hsv 1 and 2. So i feel like im screwed and who is gonna be with someone who has both hsv. But thanks for posting ur story its helping me.


You cannot get herpes from a towel. Its transmitted from mucous membranes, aka genital to genital contact or mouth to genitals.

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