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I take after my father with bad teeth. Ive got cavities and most of my teeth have been cracked. Runs in the family. But when one tooth hurts, its my whole mouth hurting. Here is what i've tried.
Dent tooth aache gum, it works good, but it doesnt last.
Tooth ache gel, doesnt works, just makes the pain worse.
Vanella abstract, donesnt work.
Loratabs, don't work.
So you can imagine how bad my tooth aches are, because NOTHING works,
the ONLY thing that works for me, is takin tylonol and putting rice in a sock, yes i know strange, tieing the sock and heating it up in the microwave.
Tooth ache is gone in less then ten minutes.
So if NOTHING seems to be working for you, try what i do.

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