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I am shocked at how many toxic products people are using on their pets. Some of them are Dawn, Pine-Sol, Chlorine, Sevin (????!!!!), Downy,commercial flea killers like Advantage, Essential oil and garlic for cats (dangerous to cats). All of these are toxic to both people and pets!

Stop and think people please!

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To agree with some of the above comments, Dawn is not harmful to animals. Using it too often can dry their skin like other shampoos, and you should still use a shampoo on your pet. It is not a substitute for shampoo. I first heard about using Dawn to kill FLEA EGGS on my dog from MY VET. So please, look into things before telling others it is toxic. It truly is used to help animals after oil spills. Please think before you post =]


Dawn is not toxic. It's not good to use often because it takes ALL the oil out of their coat-the reason they use it for oil spills, but it's ok to use if you pet is dirty. It might dry their skin out with frequent use making them itchy until they produce new oils. Baby shampoo would work fine too if, but all shampoos will dry them out if used too often


ok so tell me if dawn is so bad why do they use to clean wild animals after oil spills? i think people wouln't use it if it was bad!

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DAWN in NO WAY is harmful!
If DAWN was harmful then would they use it on the Living Animals who are affected by oil spills?


garlic is not toxic either. Small amounts are fine.


Dawn is NOT toxic to animals. Thats what they use on animals that are trapped by oil and stuff like that. Its safe and RECOMMENDED to use. As for the Advantix, i asked my vet and he said its perfectly safe to use. I also asked my vet about Palmolive and he said thats good too. But my mixture when bathing my dog ( a 1 1/2 year old beagle) is Palmolive, enough to get him lathered up, and olive oil down the middle of his back. Lather him up, let it sit for five minutes, then rinse him off. I put a little baby oil on his sore spots (enough to BARELY put on thats it)and hes good to go! Hes as happy as can be and running around bouncing. I do this about once a week to every other week. He stays nice and soft and smells good!


Dawn has many harmful ingredients including sodium Lauryl Sulfate. I could understand flaming the original poster if this was a conventional site, but at the top it clearly states 'natural remedies' and the site is called 'my Home Remedies' usually people looking for home remedies are doing so because they don't use harmful/conventional products. If you feel you still want to use these products even with all the research out there, or want to believe it is bogus research, that's your right, by all means. But this IS a natural remedies site, and I am hearing people using products made by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, proctor and gamble etc. I myself feel a little confused how a store bought fogger fits in the natural home remedy category.
I am still fighting a flea infestation, and when I find one that works I will post what worked. Thanks to those who posted several home remedies I haven't tried, such as boiling some lemon and making a natural flea collar with essential oils.


Excuse me?? Know your facts. Dawn is NOT toxic to the average pet/ animal unless the animal is ingesting large amounts. And last time I checked, anything in large amounts isn't good. Rinse your animal and they are fine!

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