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I am shocked at how many toxic products people are using on their pets. Some of them are Dawn, Pine-Sol, Chlorine, Sevin (????!!!!), Downy,commercial flea killers like Advantage, Essential oil and garlic for cats (dangerous to cats). All of these are toxic to both people and pets!

Stop and think people please!

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What do you use Nancy?


If these are unsafe, I would love to know what you use? Need help please...


Then why dont you tell us what we should be using. Everyone seems to say no this no that. But no one ever suggest a solution!!!


Yeah seem to know it all..what shall we use? & ps..everything is toxic one way or another so let people do what they want & put your comment in on what we should be using if all our alternatives cant be used...


everything is toxic? wow you must be the smartest person on the planet I reckon then sparky, as opposed to a smart ass with nothing good to say -oh wait, you didn't say anything good...huh


ps; I was speaking to the original poster, not the person who said ps everything is toxic -whom I agreed with


Dawn is not toxic. Don't they use that to clean wildlife after oil spills? Do you really think they use a toxic product and advertise it.


SEVIN (???!!!) Is a brand of's call Sevin Dust and says it's safe as a flea control on dogs... Of course it's 'toxic' kills fleas!


FYI, Dawn isn't unsafe for animals:) Just one search of Google can clarify that:) It's not recommended to use as your regular dog shampoo but it is safe, many groomers use it:)

Don Pit bull and Dalmation owner

I have two dogs and I first bath my dog with regular Suave Shampoo its great on dirt..Then I take One cup Dawn Dish Washing liquid and one third of a cup of Rubbing Alcohol and scrub dog....then I use a comb or brush dipped in rubbing alcohol and brush dog I have noticed that the dawn and Rubbing Alchol knocks the fleas down and the straight Rubbing Alcohol on the brush or Comb finishes them off...I believe in this method why...BECAUSE IT WORKS>>>

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