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Bleach, bust it open where it has pus and bleeding the pour bleach on it. It burns like crazy but kills the poison ivy

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Why would anyone use bleach on or in their body. This is crazy ----and probably dangerous. I wouldnt use it


Bleach worked for me, too. Turns it scabby, but works with one application, every time.


it stopped the itching but it burned like hell!!!! gosh i couldnt stand it, especially the scabby areas


I tried a the shot gun approach. Super hot bath with vinegar. Then poured the bleach onto the open sores. Ta da been itch free for almost 3 hours.

Big Dummy

Ok, I don't recommend this. Here's why: I had it on my wrist, had scratched it open and it was very wet and weepy. I put straight bleach on it (this was when I was 20 and not so wise...) and a few days later I began to see a red line leading up my arm from the site. I had created an infection. I had to go to the doctor, and he had to give me a tetanus shot for the infection, steriods and cream for the poison ivy, and a really dirty 'you are the stupidest person walking' look to go with it. I know some people have had success with a DILUTED bleach/water solution, but putting straight bleach on will only get you more trouble.


it works good but it leaves scares so i will not use it any more.

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