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Crippled By An H-bomb

I'm so glad I found this site. You guys here are lifesavers. The Vick's VapoRub has worked WONDERS for me. WARNING: After applying it, you'll have to ride out the 'steady burn' for 10-15 minutes (it's best to lie FLAT on your stomach during this time, breathing slowly and deeply). But the pain relief is phenomenal.

Some tips:
1. Gently pat the 'bad' area with apple cider vinegar, then apply a nickel-sized amount of the Vick's. Every four hours is best.

2. Drink PLENTY of water. Cranberry juice is excellent, but apple juice is even better (since it is high in both Vitamin C and fiber). Buy a 64-ounce bottle and drink it until it is all gone.

3. Take a hot shower, allowing the water to 'hit' your lower back and hips.

4. Another secret: Jagermeister. Moderate amounts of Jager after (especially heavy) meals helps to break down the food and even help blood circulation. Keep it in the freezer. Pour it over ice and sip slowly--about two thirds of a glass. It is a common practice in Germany to have Jager after meals; drinking it once a day for about a week did amazing things for my digestive system. Don't like Jagermeister? Then stick with the apple juice. Regardless of these methods, plenty of water is a MUST.

Hope this helps!

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buying a fifth of jager now

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