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This may sound odd, but hemorrhoidal ointment works wonders on poison ivy. You can buy the generic brand super cheap. It's a really thick cream and will stay on the applied area for several hours. It is amazing how fast the rash will heal.

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Hey, thanks, going to try that this evening.


This works great on black fly and mosquito bites! Reduces the swelling and instantly relieves the itch! Just don't use near eyes!!! And it doesn't take much ointment and usually only 1-2 applications.

Daughter of a Male Nurse

It works because it has Cortsone in it which is a steroid cream.


Two weeks ago, thought I had a bug bite with an oozing blister. I was goin to keep an eye on it til the next day. Then it was all over my upper legs, realizing too late it was Poison Ivy and shaving my legs the previous night was a disaster. Your recommendation was the only immediate relief I got out of all the home remedies I had tried.

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