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I just had to comment and say that all the suggestions to get the Red Cross kit was a lifesaver! My poor mom just had 2 teeth pulled on friday, after one of her molar roots cracked and absessed. a bridge with two teeth was connected to that molar, and another tooth was affected. So, she had 2 pulled, 4 gone all together. Plus, they put more bone in to build it up for when they put in the dental implants down the road. She's only been taking advil, and has been very sore, but today she was in excruciating pain.... She mentioned that she thought she might have a dry socket, I googled 'dry socket pain relief' and came across this page. I immediately ran out and bought her the kit.

She is so thankful to all who suggested it here... within a moment after applying the oil she felt relief, she said it's a whole world of difference and highly recommends this to anyone suffering with a dry socket! She also said that she remembers that clove oil is what was always used to treat dry sockets when she worked in an oral surgery office.

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DO NOT USE RED CROSS TOOTHACHE KIT on a dry socket! I did that this weekend, went to the dentist today & found out I have chemical burn! This stuff created a huge problem for me, I ended up with more surgery. He said that stuff is for a tooth, not an open hole where a tooth used to be!

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